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Single-phase 230V – Three-phase 400V

From 3,7Kw to 22Kw

Type 2 socket

External/inside wall installation

Protection included and installed inside the wallbox (Easy installation: only through power cable connection)

Open access or RFID/App card




What do I need to charge my electric car at home?

The easiest and the most convenient solution is, clearly, to charge your electric vehicle in your garage. According to several studies conducted on users, this is currently the most frequent form of charging, and it is expected that the percentage of private charging systems of electric cars in Italy exceeds 90 percent.
Of course, you can charge your electric car at home by connecting it to a common domestic socket. However, charging your vehicle through the normal home network takes a bit longer, given the reduced power of 2.3 kW. Instead of the domestic socket, we recommend the use of a so-called wallbox, which is installed and adapted to the domestic electrical system by an electrician, and which allows you to charge the car in a much shorter time, given the significantly higher power.
For a convenient and fast charging, if you use a wallbox, you can freely choose your supplier. This allows you to save more compared to the costs of using public charging stations, and also to count on an excellent assembly by the manufacturer of the car. In Italy, the so called Decreto Rilancio (Relaunch Decree) provides strong incentives for the installation of charging stations and wallbox for electric cars. DomyGO charging stations are part of the 110% Bonus.

How does the charging process of an electric car work?

In general, charging an electric car is as simple as charging any other battery-powered electrical device: once the connector is inserted, the charging process starts. When the battery is fully charged, the charging process stops automatically.
The charging process in your garage is thus concluded. The charging process through a public charging station is also easy and simple: generally speaking, the user must authenticate himself in the charging station via a charging card or an app of the supplier, connect the cable to the electric car and press a button to let the charging process begin.
For awhile now, the distribution companies have also been allowing roaming, as we do with mobile phones: in this way, with certain charging cards, you can also use other providers’ charging stations.

How long does the charging process take and which factors determine the charging time laps of electric cars?

The charging time laps of an electric car depends on the size of the battery, the maximum charging power, and of course on the remaining battery charge. Speaking about electric cars, alternating current (AC) charging requires more time than the direct current (DC) one. A practical example: in the wallbox with the classic power of 11 kW, a BMW iX3 takes a maximum of seven hours to recharge. Thanks to the High-Power Charging and the 150-kW power of the iX3, in 34 minutes you can get to the 80 percent battery charge. You can also ask for DomyGO Fast charging stations and Automatica charging stations with High Power.

How much does charging an electric car cost and what is the payment method?

The cheapest solution is charging the electric car in your own wallbox. In this way, you can look for the supplier on your own and choose the most suitable offer for your needs and for the power of your vehicle. Electricity costs for charging an electric car in public stations are differentiated: they depend on local electricity tariffs and individual suppliers’ tariffs.

How does the induction charge process work? Is it already available?

After all the information about the present, let’s take a look at the future of electric cars, when the domestic or public charging stations could be overcome. In the immediate future, charging an electric car will become as simple as charging a smartphone or an induction electric toothbrush, i.e., with non-contact current transmission, via an alternating magnetic field. The battery is recharged thanks to a primary coil integrated in the plane that interacts with the vehicle. This charging mode works in garages, parking lots and even on the streets.DomyGO Automatica charging station already looks at the future.


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