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It was December 2018 when, interested in the increasingly frequent discussions on the “ecological crisis”, I realized how important it could be to do something to limit, in my own way, the environmental damages. 75% of carbon monoxide emissions come from cars and, being passionate about cars since I was a child, my eco-ethical choice could only be about vehicles. After wondering about what could effectively be done to facilitate the use of electric cars, I began to study and design a charging station, which had the ability to connect to the vehicle in a completely automatic way. I patented this innovative idea first in Italy and then all over the world. After two years of studies, certificates, research, tests, testing and prototype realization, DomyGO Srl Startup is born, and it is registered in the special section of the register of companies of Reggio Emilia.

Twenty years’ experience

DomyGO Srl is an innovative company which produces charging stations and wallbox that are powerful, simple, safe, easy to install and use. Equipped with the electrical protections required by the legislation, the covering shells of the charging stations respect the environment thanks to the proper use of recycled polymers, which would otherwise end up in the sea.
New projects are being developed and they will increasingly strengthen DomyGO Srl as an innovative and sustainable company.
All this is because of my twenty-year experience in the electrical sector and because of me. All this is DomyGO.

Canta Domenico



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